Friday, November 28, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

I Heart Jewelry Artist Magazine!

I have to admit, there is kinda nothing as great as fetching the evening mail to find an awesome magazine with one of my articles in it. This issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist is another great one. There are lots of very informative articles and tutorials, including my article on incorporating wood into your jewelry making practice.
Here's a peek:

And, the coolest thing about writing for Jewelry Artist, is that there is always a section called Their Turn, which shows a piece from each of the contributing writers.

To learn about how to incorporate wood into your jewelry, check out the zine!
And, stay tuned here, for I will do a quick synopsis of the processes I used for the pieces in the article.

Sadly, there was also an over due car registration bill in the mail today, and my warm fuzzy feeling has been slightly diluted by a pissed off feeling...but alas, that's a rant for another time...


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Do what you love!

Do what you love, this is my new motto. I guess more specifically, make what you love. Not that I don't do and make what I love, but I think I have been trying to create work that other people will love. From this point forward, I am creating work that I love, that may not have the wide commercial appeal a girl needs to make a living. Screw it, I am making what I want...

This recent trend started with my Doodlery line, which are wild and weird and wonderful, not unlike myself...

The current piece I am working on is from what is turning out to be another body of work, using my beloved laser cut Plexiglas organic rings.
I could pretty much play with these rings all day...

I have lots of ideas based on these rings and I pretty much want to keep cutting more of every color. Here is the current piece I am working on. Very much a work in progress:

After walking Bonnie and Bailey, we will all head down to the studio where they will curl up under my workbench and we all will be doing what we love...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bead Fest Santa Fe, Here I Come!

I am super excited to be teaching next year at Bead Fest! Bead Fest is a huge jewelry conference that happens 3 times a year, in various cities across the country. The Santa Fe workshop I will be offering is in acrylic ring stacks. Here's a pic:

I love acrylic so much, I can't wait to share my knowledge with other like minded folks.

If you are in Santa Fe in March, or have always wanted to visit, come to Bead Fest. Here is a link for all the cool workshops offered.

And, in Santa Fe, I for one plan on buying way too many silver and turquoise cuff bracelets....