Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Roadworks 2011

There are always so many cool events taking place through out the S.F bay Area, sometimes a gal can feel totally out of it,  finding out about stuff after it's happened.  Not so this year for the Center for the Book's annual Roadworks festival.  Thanks to my girlfriend Marie, I not only got to witness the awesomeness that is Roadworks, I even got to set up shop and hawk Lolo's Laboratory goods to all the fine children running amok through the closed off streets.

 Marie, our friend Andy and I shared a table, and boy did we pack it full of stuff.

Marie with her handmade cards.                     

Andy with his nudie girl art.                                       

Marie's cards and mini notebooks.

My cuffs, sketchbooks and buttons.
Andy's nudie girls with embroidered unmentionables.

Besides the delicious food and talented venders the main event was the steam roller printing.   Using 3 by 3 foot linoleum carvings from local printmakers, the ground and a 3 ton construction steam roller become the printing press. 

Inking up the lino.
After the ink, the paper, the heavy duty blankets, comes the steam roller!
Removing the blankets...
The moment they pull the print up is pretty awe inspiring, the prints are so detailed and come out perfect.  The prints are then on sale and the profits go to support programs at Center for the Book.
We had a great day despite the almost rain.  Nothing like hanging with your good art buddies, buying crafty goods,  and eating homemade popsicles....


  1. Keep the posts coming, love reading them!

  2. Thanks Anonymous, we'll do...
    I wonder who you are...?

  3. What a wonderful idea!!! Love your post, very interesting - thanks Laurel :)

  4. Thanks Alex for checking it out. Sorry you will meeting. Feel better!!

  5. Very cool....and always love photos of crafts/arts fairs. lesli