Monday, December 12, 2011

Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange and Sometimes Black

I am sure by now it's abundantly clear that I am a hoarder of all this related to art and craft supplies.  My studio is busting at the seams with crafty materials of all kinds.  For example, how many markers does one gal really need? 

And this is just the pinks, purples, yellows and oranges!  So, after so many months of working on my Etsy store and on my home jewelry studio blog posts, I have decided to get back to basics.  Last week I cracked open a brand new sketch book and it feels good!  I have limited my palette to p,p,y,o and sometimes black.  I adore this extra girlie color scheme and think I will finish out the week in it.  Here's the pages I have done so far, in order of how I drew them...

Ok, I cheated here by adding green collaged bad.

It's been a fun week, I have been getting buzzed off of the pen fumes, which worries me some, I hate to damage anymore of my precious brain cells, but alas, we must sacrifice for our art....
Next week I change color schemes, but don't worry, it's bound to still include pink...


  1. LOVE! You are so amazingly talented, I've always admired your vision :)

  2. very nice and fun sketches Laurel! You should definitely get on the Sketchbook Project, it's an amazing journey!