Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Great Tattoo Cover Up, part 2

Well, it's been a month since the Great Tattoo Cover Up part 1, and it's finally done!  It took 3 sittings and around 8 hours to complete.   I covered up an old letter L from a zillion years ago, you can see the before pictures if you click on the green link above.

I am really happy with this new tattoo,  I may tweak a bit of it in the coming months, but for the most part it's pretty darn cute!

Goosebumps not part of the design...

I would like to state for the record, IT HURT A LOT!!!!   Like, seriously, a lot...
I am happy to say goodbye to my lil old L, and I do not miss it one bit.  Now I have to go to the gym and start lifting weights....ah, the pain continues...


  1. Beautiful colors - don't forget to put sunscreen on it of it will fade, fast!

  2. What a babe. Classy. Don't hang around corners. She's a soda shop girl. Frankie Avalon, Elvis, Smokey -- classy. You don't speak right and she throws the coke in your face. Like to catch her at the beach. Bet she likes surfing. The artsy ones are the best. They's got imagination in the right places. I'm going to hang the poster on the wall. When the guys see it ... they will wad up. I am going to flop. What to they call it ... hyper---venting

  3. She's the type you take home to mom. Sleeveless and plunging neckline, she will quell. How proud she will be that her son has such good taste. Mom will ask about her background: Is she a biker, hiker, repeller? We have so much in common. Do you make matzo ball soup? Will make it together. I can't wait to show you off to my brother and sister. They will just love you. My son has been such a nerd ... a little eccentricity is good for the soul. Don't you think so?

    Where do you model? Maybe I've heard of the agency. I have always wanted to have a tatoo on my backside so Herman would slap it. I'm eccentric in my own way.

    Listen, honey, you kids run along I don't want you to waste your time with a much of old folk.
    (They exit)


  4. I love those blue hands ! Very fun and happy and great feeling and arty tattoo. Congrats' (yoga is much usefull than painfull gym for my taste).