Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little Paper Lanterns

It's been a week since my last loosey goosey lantern, and I am pleased to say that this weeks back to crafting has been much more successful and I am now back into the swing of things.  Turns out that my new collection of prayer papers from Hong Kong are very thin.  My mini lanterns needed much heavier papers, so only one of my new HK papers made it into this set of lanterns.  For this series, I decided that I was going to make all of them adhesive and tape free.  I used only little brads.  This posed a nice technical challenge, especially for making the lanterns actually hold a flameless tea light.
Here they are...

I made 7 little lanterns out of paper, mini brads and an 1/16 inch hole puncher.

Figuring out how to hold the tea lights was hard for some of the designs, this one was pretty easy.  Plus, all the tea lights need to be able to be dropped in from the top of the piece.

This was the toughest lantern to figure out, it's fairly fugly underneath, so I won't show you in case Martha Stewart is reading.

Although I intended these to be hanging lanterns, they would also work really well as table top lanterns, maybe at a fancy dinner or a party.

I am definitely enjoying making hanging paper objects and I think for my year of getting back to craft I will continue making paper ornaments, lanterns, garlands and banners.
I think for all my upcoming crafting projects I am going to make a goal of not buying anymore stuff!!  It feels so good to use all the supplies I have.  In fact, imagine if you will, a year of crafting and buying NOTHING!!!  A radical thought indeed.  Has anyone done this, if so, let me know!!
xo Lolo

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