Saturday, August 10, 2013

Woof, Meow, Moo...

As many of you know, I am in the process of starting a jewelry line. This means I have a to-do list very long which includes making business cards as well as figuring out how I want to package and ship the pieces. I knew I wanted stickers to use to seal envelops and boxes, as well as some just to include for fun in the package. I have seen and been impressed with the little, Mini Moo cards so decided to hit Moo up for some stickers. The amazing thing about Moo, is that you can use as many images as you want for each order. This is great for artists and designers, so you can feature and share lots of different art.

But first, I wanted to share with you how two fantastic jewelers use Mini Moo cards.  Last weekend I went to the American Crafts Council show, and picked up lots of Moo cards along the way that the artists had in their booths.

Silver and enamel by Beth Novak.  

Silver, copper and precious stones by Brandon Holschuh.

Being able to sift through the cards and pick out my favorites helped to ease the sting of not being able to purchase a piece...a little bit...
You can see more of this incredible jewelry at: and  

And, now, the stickers!! I placed my order for 2 sets of stickers and it was easy peasy.
I purchased round 1 1/2" and square just under 1". Both sets came in lovely packaging, the square ones are in a book form with perforated pages.

The user interface (is that the right term? I can't believe I said that!!) on the Moo site is very simple. In around an hour I created around 40 different designs. I was basically testing out different types of images to see what looks good and what doesn't. I cropped from JPGS and AI files.  I also quickly took my logo in AI and formatted it to the right dimensions and played around with different variations.

52 round stickers for $12.99!

90 square stickers for $9.99!

The stickers are a durable vinyl material with a bit of a shine to them. Some of my images worked better than others. Some of my AI images seem not crisp and not saturated, while others are terrific. I may inquire into this next time I order...and there will be a next time...

What delightful packaging, there must be something wonderful inside...

I think Moo is an excellent resource for artists, crafters and designers. I am so happy they exist and once my jewelry line is closer to ready, I will make my Mini Moo cards as well as more stickers. Because, as we all know, a girl can't have too many stickers...


  1. Great ideas...thanks for sharing:)

  2. Wonderful info, thanks! Your website and packaging ideas are super fun. I hope your jewelry line is a rousing success!

  3. Found your blog through Creative Women of America & wanted to say THANK YOU for your post! I am an illustrator, & was looking for someplace to have affordable stickers made! Your review has me sold! Your stickers look great! Wishing you BIG success with your jewelry line! I can already say that little details like stickers & cards included with handmade crafts always impress me as a consumer! Hopefully they will impress your customers as well!

  4. Love the stickers - Thanks for sharing. I also need stickers for my products.

  5. Thank you all for commenting, glad you like the post!
    Laurel aka:Lolo