Monday, October 7, 2013

Sugarcoats Sweet Model

Beauty and brains, oh, what a winning combination. My jewelry line, Sugarcoat is almost ready to launch, and I have just finished shooting my pieces on my new model. After going through the pictures, which by the way, needed so little re-touching, I have grown to absolutely adore Alexis. Here is a sneak peek of Sugarcoat as worn by Alexis Laura Ren.

 ALexis is a UC Berkeley undergrad, deciding between biology and computer science. When she is not modeling or studying, she is working for a professor creating code. She is a self proclaimed "geeky girl", a brainiac who had to guide me through the process of using dropbox.

 I had know idea shooting a model would be so much fun. Alexis is sweet as can be, so easy to work with, eager to improve her modeling techniques, and most importantly, can put her hair in these adorable buns without the use of a mirror.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect model to show off my Sugarcoat jewelry line. The only regret is that Alexis looks so much better in all my clothes and hats than I do!!!!!

My favorite shirt and hat...I'll never wear them again!!!!
Thank you Alexis for being so darn adorable. To see the Sugarcoat pieces up close, stay tuned for the Sugarcoat store coming soon to an internet near you.


  1. Beautiful work from a stunning artist. I love your creations, writing, and sense of friendship. Hugs and best wishes to you and Alexis... a winning team!!!...Elaine Bond

  2. I had so much fun working with you and wearing your gorgeous designs! Absolutely loved everything about the pieces (they add so much personality to outfits!) and hope that others will too :) Thanks for everything!

  3. Adorable pieces! I look forward to seeing the rest of the Sugarcoat line!

  4. I've always loved your work and can't wait ♥