Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dream House

Happy New Year!
This is my first post of 2014, and it's a good one indeed...

While visiting my family and friends in Los Angeles during the holidays, driving through sunny Santa Monica, I noticed something glittering and shining in my peripheral vision. Like all crafty gals when passing a house covered in mosaic, I quickly and dangerously flipped an illegal U turn to get a closer look. Not only did I find an amazing mosaic covered house, but I also found a man patiently gluing pieces of mirror onto the one unfinished wall.

I parked, grabbed my phone and introduced myself.

My new friends, Aziz and Louise Farnam

A portion of one side of the house. There is a water motif that runs throughout the house.

The front door. So amazing!

Aziz was friendly and willing to chat with me about his house, the materials he was using and the symbolism behind the imagery. Then his wife Louise came outside and offered to show me the inside.

Tables, chairs, walls, fireplace, beams, vases, all covered in glass, mirror and ceramic. 

As it turns out, the outside of the house is primarily the domain of Aziz, and the interior is the work of Louise. Louise discovered the art of mosaic 13 years ago and fell in love with it. She does custom furniture and architectural details for clients all over Los Angeles.

A wall and a blue mirror table that I really, really want...

A mirrored cabinet, box, mirror and vase.

Even this work table is an amazing ceramic and glass mosaic.

A close up of the fireplace.

I spent quite a while with Louise, she was so sweet and fed me delicious cake. We talked about our art and what it's like being a craftsperson in this digital age. We shared internet marketing strategies and I showed her how to use Instagram. Give her follow when you see her!

You can learn more about Louise and Aziz from Louise's website, http://custommosaicart.com/
You can see lots more pictures, order one of a kind pieces, and there are even links to videos from when they were featured on HGTV.

It was so great meeting this couple who share this mutual passion, and I thank them for sharing it with me.


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