Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blog Hop Part 2

The International Creative Blog Hop continues, with me handing the torch to two amazingly creative, talented, beautiful women: photographer, Dianne Jones and jeweler,Victoria Skirpa.

I have know both these ladies for a while now, and have always admired their work. Their careers in their fields have been long and varied, and they have both created unique niches for themselves. 

Dianne has done everything from shooting live rock shows (including my beloved Elliott Smith) to capturing the process of babies being born! Learn about her path and creative process at:

Victoria is a jeweler and metalsmith, and makes fantastic sculptural objects as well as gorgeous fancy jewelry. In addition to her own jewelry line called VRS, she also has a cool sustainable jewelry company called Sulusso, where she designs custom wedding rings for her clients. Learn more about Victoria and Sulusso here:

Dianne and Victoria have just published their blog hop post, so go check them out. In fact, writing about them has inspired me to start a series called "My Amazingly Talented Friends". Thanks girls, I am going to get right on it...

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