Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My New Favorite Artist: Mark Lovejoy

In the past few months I have become a bit of a Pinterest fiend. I can spend all day looking at art and jewelry and Danish interiors that I wish were mine. Recently, while looking at an abstract art board, I found this amazing trippy, colorful marbleized painting. After hearting it, I noticed the description below said it was a photograph. I gasped! What in the world...?

This is the work of Mark Lovejoy. Yes, his last name is Lovejoy and I am totally jealous of such a cool name. Mark is a photographer and commercial printer. He has been creating images for years, from landscapes, to having published photography books on gardens. His printing career and his photography passion merged in 2012 when he began shooting the inks he was mixing for his press.
These abstractions are reminiscent of topographies, and also reference landscapes.

To me they are pure beautiful abstraction. Abstraction that combines the qualities of randomness as well as control. The fact that they are photos of ink, prior to becoming an identifiable images, adds more layers to them conceptually, but I will leave Plato to explain that. In the meantime, I will just oooh and ahhh...

You can see more of Mark's amazing photos here:

He also has beautiful silk scarves printed with his images in his Etsy store:

Pinterest, is kinda like pasteries. They just call me to come to them, to consume. And I, am a girl, who could use a bit more self control...
Happy Pinning!

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