Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Etsy or bust...

Recently, I opened an Etsy store!  Recently, I closed an Etsy store!  What in the world happened you ask?  I wasn't satisfied with some of the product,  let me explain....

The bulk of my Etsy store is products that feature my character line, My Imaginary Friends.  I spent days and days hand dying adorable little onesies and kid t shirts and woman's panties.  I purchased all different types of inkjet transfer paper.  I now know a lot about inkjet transfer paper.  (perhaps a future post!)  I found a product that I thought was as good as it gets for transferring images onto clothes.  I bought it in bulk (i have 43 sheets left!!)  I  ironed on the images onto all the clothes, I photographed everything and up they went into my Etsy store.

 But something was nagging at me...The stuff looks really good, here is a sample:
I decided after washing a few of my own samples a few times, that the quality of the print is just not there.  They look great in the beginning, but I was really worried that after a few washes, they were going to look pretty faded.  So, after regrouping from what was a very expensive set back, I decided to further research various products and technologies for ink jet transferring. 
Emboldened with a new sense of commitment to my career, I made a huge investment. (huge is of course relative, it was a lot to me!!)  I ordered a new printer and these special inks formulated for cotton.  I also ordered a heat press.  And they are throwing in samples of inkjet paper that they say is the top of the line. 
So now I wait for my new toys to arrive.  My hope is that the results will be long lasting so that My Imaginary Friends don't fade away...
Stay tuned for delivery, hopefully by Friday!!

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