Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cuff the Magic Dragon

This post has nothing to due with dragons or hobbits or smoking pot, or even handcuffing someone to a head board.  Instead this post is about something even more awesome than all those things...
If you have read my prior posts, you know I LOVE CUFF BRACELETS!  What exactly is it about cuffs I adore? Well to tell you the truth, I have no idea...
If you have thoughts on why cuff bracelets are so great, please share them with us below...

My cuff collection.

I have made lots of cuffs, and of course, I have bought lots of cuffs.  I have been lucky to have traveled quite a bit (thanks Grama!) and I consider shopping for local handicrafts to be, well, is it horribly shallow for me to admit, that it's the best part about traveling!  There, I said it...

Cuffs from Canada.

I had know idea that leather working is like the predominent Canadian craft, but sure enough, everywhere I went in Montreal and Quebec I saw amazing stamped leather goods.  As you can imagine, this made me quite happy...

These 2 cuffs I purchased from a street vender.  To me these are super special, for he used vintage French stamps to make them.  They were the only leather goods I found during my whole trip that had such beautiful stamps.  The blue one is perhaps my favorite cuff of all time.  It's over 2 inches wide, and really thick and sturdy.

Felt, buttons,grommets and ric rac.

I went through a felt cuff making frenzy a few years ago, and these are a few examples.  I love these cuffs and I think I may list them on my Etsy store soon.  The big mother of pearl button I got from the first Sunday Alameda flea market.  It's the MOST AMAZING flea, huge and all antiques and vintage.  I actually can't go anymore because I am busting at the seams with stuff as it is, and simply have no self control...

This piece I found in a little crafty housewares and accessories store in a walled city outside of Lucca, Italy.  This store was simply amazing with work from artists from Italy and the rest of Europe.  This cuff is made from old kimonos.

Felt, denim, ric rac, buttons, beads.

A few months prior to my felt cuff making frenzy I made these cuffs, which must have lead to the felt cuffs.  I don't wear these too often, they may be a little insane even for me.  Hmmm, now that I am thinking about, they are pretty darn cute, I will wear one this week, I promise...

And finally...my new cuffs are here and ready to go!  I am very excited about these, I made them from my original surface design patterns.  I will be adding the cuffs to my Etsy store for the next week in kid and adult sizes.

Get in touch with YOUR inner Power Cuff Girl.

Now that I am looking at this post, it seems that I have made most of my cuffs, so I may have to go buy a few more to balance things out...  


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  2. I'd love to model your cuffs in my classes!

  3. My cuffs would love to be modeled by you...

  4. Oh Laurel you never cease to amaze me! Love it!

  5. Laurel. I love your cuffs. I will have to buy one on Etsy, and add to my LN collection.