Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hurricane Lolo, part 2, The Complete Studio Makeover

Well, a few weeks ago I decided it was time to give my studio, the laboratory, a good cleaning and organizing.  What started off as a weekend task became a 2 week task as "oh, I'll just paint a little pink on this wall" became a HUGE paint job, many new pairs of curtains, and most exciting, a new floor!
I would say my garage studio is looking pretty darn good.  I will not post the before pictures, too embarrassing, but feel free to check them out from a few posts ago...

Behold, the awesomeness...

Like many artists, and I suspect most, I have a lot of stuff.  Years of flea marketing, garage sale-ing,  thrift storing and yes, even Ebay-ing has left me with quite a lot of booty to work with.  It's all basically inspiration and I have always had lots of it surrounding me when I am working and I guess you could say I create little displays with all my stuff.

This is in the corner above the sink.  A combination of found stuff and items I made.

A bulletin board of inspiration and ideas.

New curtains, and a new crazy paint job.

I added curtains to this shelf to hide a bunch of wood and materials.  And of course, more stuff, er, I mean inspiration...

A window between the garage and the other smaller rooms I work in.

The window sill between the 2 rooms, I stash lots of quick studies and experiments here.

And there you have it, all squeaky clean and fresh faced...until hurricane Lolo strikes again...

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