Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Great Tattoo Cover Up, part 1

In addition to the studio make-over that is underway, ( I am also in the process of a complete tattoo make-over!  My little ole tattoo is looking pretty darn shabby and has needed a renovation for a while now.

When I got it, a long time ago, it was pretty cute.  Now....uuuughhhh

I am lucky to live in Oakland California,  the most amazing city in the world, and right in my little neighborhood we happen to have the most amazing tattoo shop in the world as well, like, really...

I entered Lucky 13 ( with my cute little design which my artist Sonju said he would only do if we made it bigger, there was just too much detail for how small I had printed in out.   That did freak me out a bit because I was thinking it was pretty big already, but I had heard so many good things about Sonju so I decided to trust him and go with it.  

Sonju tracing over my design.

While Sonju worked on my design and had some tacos, I hung out with the guys and learned a bunch of facinating facts about their lives and what it's like being a tattooist.  (Many of which I swore to them I wouldn't mention here!)  I hung out with Stash, Paul and Dustin and I must tell you they were sweet as can be.  I was kinda nervous about the whole forever thing and the pain, and Stash, with his pirates swagger and a tattoo on his eyelid, was so reassuring when he said, "Don't be scared, we're fucking professionals!"

That's Sonju and Stash working on drawings.

The design transferred on.  Once I saw this, I was feeling pretty excited.

Sonju getting the needle thingy ready.

So it turned out that my design was pretty hard to do, especially the concentric circles at the bottom.  We did the outline and that took 3 hours.  And, yep it hurts...

During the 3 hours Sonju and I talked about everything from art to religion to barfights.  He had such amazing stories and such a unique perspective on art and life, if I weren't in so much pain, I could have stayed for 3 more hours. 

Ta da...the outline is done!!

I have an appointment next week for all the color, and if you know me, you know there will be a lot of crazy color!
I can't say enough great things about the guys and the shop, and what a wonderful tattooist Sonju is.
Stay tuned for part 2, and see it all finished!!

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  1. Thank you Laurel, the inheritance is all mine.