Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hurricane Lolo

Warning!  Some of the following images may include disturbing content.  Please do not allow the following images to reflect negatively on Laurel or Lolo's Laboratory.  Do not judge harshly, she is indeed human, despite what you might think...

 A few weeks back, after a making frenzy, I looked around my studio and was shocked and horrified at what I saw.  Every surface was covered in stuff.  The floor was littered with little pieces of paper, the sink was full of dirty paint containers.  How in the world can I work in this mess?  I decided then it was time for a huge studio clean up, and so the clean up began.  The following are the incendiary before photos:

The main room of my studio, it's my garage.  What a mess, yikes!
So, I am pretty lucky to have a very large and amazing studio,  and I need to have a big studio because I am addicted to far too many crafty processes and create stuff out of tons of different materials and techniques.  So in defense of my own slovenliness, it's darn hard to stay neat and organized when you've drowning in a whole lot of stuff.

Oh man, this is embarrassing...

In addition to the garage, I have 2 other smaller rooms that are connected to the garage which I use as well.  One of the little rooms is what I call the mini wood shop.    Here's what the work surfaces currently look like:

The next room is the room where I store my artwork, where I sew, have a jewelers bench, and where I keep my printers.

Ok, there is actually a jewelers bench somewhere under that pile of stuff.  If you can believe it, I was actually working in this mess!  I totally need one of Oprah's home organizer's for hoarders to come rescue me!

But alas, the clean up has commenced.  In fact, I am excited to announce I am giving the garage a complete studio make over!! Tune in next week for some major surprises.  The after pictures will I hope redeem me...

Keep in mind,  it takes a pretty creative person to make such an outstanding mess...


  1. It's only stuff..... Not a commentary on this wonderfully creative woman.

  2. I'll take the bookends off your hands.

  3. Lolo, You´ve become my hero. I fell into your blog searching for ideas to create and soon I was learning from your posts. I´m a Colombian living and working in a small town in Brazil. Coincidences about likes and work made write. Thank you very much for sharing your live.

    1. Simon, thanks so much for the kind words. I saw your jewelry, keep it up, looks great! I hope this message reaches you. Take care my friend...