Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pinwheel Table

My new old table!

It's spring break, one of the many perks of my amazing teaching job. Time to take care of house projects that I have been postponing. So, I decided that my vintage shabby chic dining room table is really only shabby, not too much chic going on there. Now that I am seeing the before picture, I am horrified that I thought it was okay to live with such a yucky piece of furniture, my bad!

One distressed mess!

This table was my big spring break house project, and it was a big project indeed. I used all zero VOC paints from Kelly-Moore so there was no stink, and I am hoping that means no toxic fumes as well. I started by priming the whole thing, then painted the legs green and the top white. I was not sure about how to get the stripes properly spaced so I just started with north, south, east and west, using a seamstress tape measure to measure around the periphery. I used blue tape for the stripes.

By the time I was ready to do the pink stripes, I had a better understanding of the math and the tape, and I was able to tape up all the pink stripes at once.

Note: I was not precise enough with the tape when it reached the center, so it is a bit sloppy. In addition, I would recommend waiting a day for the white paint to dry before laying down your tape, I ended up removing chunks of white paint and primer when I pulled off the tape, this also really mucked up the center. The blue taped also leaked quite a bit, so I went back in with a small flat paint brush to clean it up. The final step was 2 coats of polyureathane to protect it, because it's too darn pretty for me to let it get mucked up...

It's like eating dinner off of a huge candy. 

Luckily I have plenty of cute polka dotted bowls and vases that can sit in the center to hide the imperfections. I am learning to embrace imperfections anyways, to be okay with a bit of shabby, so long as there is a whole lot of chic...

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