Sunday, August 10, 2014

Leather Challenge

Thanks to Art Jewelry Magazine for including me in their leather challenge. I was one of ten artist whom they sent 2 pieces of leather to, for us to create any kind of jewelry we wanted to out of them.

I was given a black piece, and a dark brown piece, both which are clearly not part of my normal color scheme, so I was immediately challenged by that to begin with.

Creating these pieces definitely pushed me to come up with original and innovative ways to use the leather. Since I had not had any previous leather working experience, I did feel like a novice, like a student trying to master a new material, new techniques. In honor of my students, and really understanding again what it's like creating something with unfamiliar materials, I have named my 3 finished pieces after 3 of the best students I have had over the years. Behold...




I have to admit, I am pretty happy with the way these pieces turned out. I now have lots more design ideas for future pieces because of the explorations I did for this challenge. To see all of the challenge participants check out:

Shoot outs to all the awesome students I have had over the years. xoxo Ms. N

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