Friday, July 8, 2011

Illustrator Tutorial Part 2

Well, my new equipment is all set up, and I have had some minor set backs which I will get into later...
But for now here is the second part of the letters tutorial I promised you.
A disclaimer:  I am pretty new to Illustrator and I suspect there are tons of different ways to do what I am showing you.  I also may be making up names for things that a more proficient Illustrator user may scoff at, but, hey, aren't labels over rated anyways...
ok, here goes:

Ok all, come back again, next time I will discuss the nightmare of my new heat press!!!  You won't want to miss it!


  1. I love this blog and I wish you could learn me how to use Illustrator when I come over. Can't wait to see you and I miss you so much!!!!
    xoxooxoxoxoxoxo Danish littlesister

  2. holy smokes, this is an awesome tutorial. too bad I'm exhausted just reading it, and will take your word that you have mastered it, since I am light years away from even CONSIDERING getting that fancy with the digital stuff. that said, the ink transfer stuff is amazing. I wanna come over and watch you work!

  3. thanks Patricia! come use my press anytime, it's so fun! xo