Friday, July 1, 2011

In the favorite new Illustrator trick!

Ok, Friday afternoon and I have not heard the gentle knock of the Fed Ex dude.  Sigh...

But, alas, I have decided to put some of my fine art up on my Etsy store....I know that with Etsy you have to be constantly adding new stuff and I have plenty of fine art to upload that should keep me busy until my gadgets get here.


As a consummate craftsperson, I never thought that I would ever become hooked on computer generated art, but I truly am...
I have been using Illustrator for around 8 months now, and everyday I figure some new amazing trick.
I dont yet know how to take screen shots, so this mini tutorial is going to be very...well, lets see if this worked:

It worked! Right? Cool, if you have not used the new brush tool, you will love it!!!!

I am going to go put more art in my Etsy shop now, bye!

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