Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Not Your Mother's Craft Fair- Part 2

I am really excited about the first 2 Renegade Craft Fair artists I am featuring here today.  In a way their work is a world apart from each other, but to me I see lots of similarities.
Both are working with textiles, Carla Madrigal is doing intricate and almost tribal embroidery on re purposed neckties and fabric samples.  Alison Simonian is working with vinyl in bold, in your face color.  Both ladies are making jewelry and accessories, and they both create awesome cuff bracelets, which is a personal obsession of mine!  (One of many obsessions I should say...)

Carla Madrigal is from San Francisco, so she is practically my neighbor.  Her business is called Madrigal Embroidery.  The weird thing is, the day before the Renegade I was perusing Etsy and I found Carla's store and immediately favorited it.  Imagine my shock when I saw her and all her gorgeous wares the next day at the fair.

Carla in front of her cuffs.

This was Carla's first Renegade fair. She has been selling her accessories on Etsy since 2009.  She has been creating in lots of different materials and processes since she was a child, but embroidery has won her heart because of the potential for color and texture.

I swoon...Aren't the buttons simply the icing on the cake??
I asked Carla if she had any advice for craft show newbies...
"Patience, and remember it is a learning experience to figure out what the public will buy.
Items you make and give to delighted friends, co-workers, and relatives does not necessarily transfer to what the public will  purchase."

Thanks Carla for talking with me, I plan on buying a cuff soon!

Last year was my first time going to the Renegade and I was pretty inspired by all the creativity and by the sheer volume and variety of purchasing possibilities.  When I saw Alison Simonian's booth, I didn't have to think twice about whether or not I was buying something but rather how many things I was going to buy!  (FYI, shopaholic here, but I consider it supporting my peers...)
And she had cuffs!!

 Alison has been in business under the moniker Miss Alison for ten years now.  Her business is vinyl accessories, all handmade by her.  She is an inspiration, for she is totally surviving off of her business.

I want candy...

 Alison studied apparel design in college, then began working for other designers, and eventually launched Miss Alison and hasn't had the time to look back.  She has been showing at the Renegade since it's very first show back in 2003.

I adore the bright, saturated vinyl colors and her use of contrast stitching designs.

 I was delighted to met up with Alison again this year at the fair, and suspect I will see here there again next year.  Until then I will be checking out her website, missalison.com

Thanks to Carla and Alison, and check back in next week for part 3 of my Renegade Craft Fair series!


  1. Love, love, love Carla's work! Just so beautiful and inspiring!! Thanks for sharing - I am adding you and Carla on my Etsy circle (I have a little shop there called MrP Adventures :)

  2. cool, thanks Alex! I will go check out your Etsy shop!